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Why choose Asklepion?

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The largest laser
aesthetic medicine centre in the CR

5 floors covering 3,500 m2 at the Prague headquarters, branches in Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně and České Budějovice. Contact us to find the right branch for you.

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Unrivalled facilities

3 high-tech operating rooms, an accredited post-surgery care unit, 25 specialized lasers, 13 dental offices, our own CT and a dental laboratory. Get yourself the very best possible care.

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Are you planning to have plastic surgery but live far away? At Asklepion we can save you a trip. Schedule an online video consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. How does it work?

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Interdepartmental cooperation
team of specialists

At Asklepion, we have a team of 40 specialized physicians and over 150 additional healthcare professionals who all place a premium on knowledge, professionalism and client satisfaction.

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Visit in Prague

Visit in Prague

„Abdominoplasty at Asklepion. I travelled to Asklepion Prague November 2018 for a tt mr and lipo. I'm made up with my results and the care I received in Prague. Dr Singerova is an amazing surgeon, and a kind and caring lady, always available via her personal mobile number for any queries. I've had a totally problem free recovery and will definitely be returning for further surgery.“



„For many years I'd suffered from being overweight. I started to exercise and eat healthily and lost 35 kilos. Although I was very proud of myself, my suffering didn't end. Because I'd lost weight quite quickly, I ended up with loose skin around my stomach. Nor did my breasts look as good as they'd done before... I still wasn't able to wear the things I'd long dreamed of, and felt too ashamed to undress in public. My self-confidence was at rock-bottom. To keep my big tummy covered I always wore very loose-fitting clothes. I had been thinking long and hard about having plastic surgery, and was resolved to go through with it. Even though I'd seen loads of successful procedures online, I was still afraid and unsure. I just couldn't believe that it was all real. And then one day I noticed a woman in a bikini on holiday who had a really beautiful tummy tuck. I was amazed at the result. I asked her about it and she gave me the name of Dr Singer from the Czech Republic. Of course I was really worried about being operated on by a surgeon I knew nothing about, and in a country that I'd never visited before. But my desire got the better of my fear, and so I got in touch with the client service at Asklepion. I don't think I'd have coped without Jana (the client manager). She helped me at every step of the way to fulfil my dream. She made sure that I understood everything properly. She answered all my questions and helped me deal with the fears that I had. Nothing would go wrong: she reassured me that I was doing the right thing and gave me the courage I needed. She was with me before and after the operation. Just a great person! Without her I wouldn't have managed nearly so well. It was like having a friend by my side, someone I could consult about everything and who I could email about anything. No words can describe how happy I am. I'm more than satisfied with the results of both operations. Dr Singer, Jana and the rest of the staff, and the loving support of my husband have changed my life forever. My only regret is that I didn't do it earlier. I have got a lot more self-confidence than ever before. I can now wear bikinis that I could only ever dream about before. No more loose-fitting clothes and hiding bits away! I know just how hard it is to decide to go for an operation and find someone you can trust.“

Julia Myrna

Julia Myrna

„I just wanted to leave a review for Dr Petr Kubický. You may use it , if you wish, for testimonials. This morning I had treatment with Dr Kubicky, but only when I came back home, after examining my tooth in a mirror, I could fully appreciate his work. He has done an amazing job. I know it is still a work in progress, but I could not believe how great my tooth looked already. Great shape and the treatment, importantly, did not hurt one bit. I think his is very skillfull, professional , attentive and his attention to detail is amazing. His bedsit manner is fantastic too. I am very happy you have recommended this doctor to me and would be eager to recommend him to others in return. Oh, and he speaks english very well which a bonus for me, of course. My dentist's nursing assistants were wonderful as well. Always smiling are reassuring. I immediately felt at ease in their company, from the minute one of the nurses greeted near the reception.“



„“I’m elated”, says Míša 2 months after getting liposuction at Asklepion, “I really didn’t expect such a huge change. The great thing is that the liposuction also smoothed out the cellulitis on my thighs, so they look much better. When my friends saw me after the operation, they were amazed at the huge change. Everyone noticed.” “My pants are two sizes smaller and I feel great”. Míša was bothered by wide hips and heavy thighs.“


Special summer offer for breast augmentation surgeries again this summer 2019

Applicable for surgeries performed from 1.6. till 31.8.2019 only.



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