You can have healthy and naturally beautiful skin with the help of our highly qualified team of dermatologists at Asklepion Clinic. We provide all types of treatment available in modern dermatology and laser medicine. Our years of experience are reflected in our excellent results.

High-tech equipment, first-rate dermatology care

Asklepion has practiced Laser Medicine for a long time. Since 1997, Asklepion has been the leader in this field in the Czech Republic. This is due to our scientific research, partnerships with foreign companies, excellent clinical specialists, and especially due to our state-of-the-art equipment which cannot be compared with that in any other dermatology centre.

Asklepion offers comprehensive dermatology treatment

The corrective Dermatology Ward has every type of state-of-the-art high performance laser (even several to treat one specific problem) at its disposal. We are therefore able to offer our clients specific individual treatment for their problem. Among the most desired laser interventions are removal of spider veins, striae, acne, growths, age spots and pigmentation, warts and tattoos, skin rejuvenation, diagnostics of naevuses, etc. Other very popular treatments performed in this ward are the application of botulinum toxin and fillers to remove wrinkles, as well as the very latest method of skin rejuvenation with the client´s own plasma (PRP method).

Entrust the health and beauty of your skin to our professionals! Contact us today for an appointment with the dermatologists and laser medicine specialists at the Asklepion Clinic!
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