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Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene

Why opt for dental hygiene at Asklepion?

  • Asklepion specialists are precise and experienced
  • We have facilities for all dental specialties directly at the clinic
  • We use the most modern methods and procedures

Do you want a beautiful smile and shiny white teeth without parodontosis or tooth decay? Then it is necessary to follow the principles of good dental hygiene. This even applies if you decide to undergo teeth whitening or the fitting of facets or braces. The dentists at Asklepion are ready to help you with your dental hygiene and suggest other processes that will solve your health or aesthetic problems. Make your appointment with them today.

Why is dental hygiene important?

The regular cleaning of your teeth or the correct type of toothbrush are not enough for effective removal of the bacterial plaque in your mouth. Teeth cleaning can never be 100% perfect without the use of interdental tools and without following the principles of good dental hygiene.

The plaque that accumulates in interdental spaces and cannot be removed with a common toothbrush, causes displeasing gum inflammation, bleeding, interdental decay and subsequent loss of dental tissue. The most common tools used and required for dental hygiene are interdental brushes and dental floss.

Dental hygiene as prevention against parodontosis

Parodontosis is an inflammation of the gums caused by the ineffective cleaning of the teeth. Parodontosis generally starts with the inconspicuous bleeding of the gums, in a more advanced phase the necks of the teeth start to uncover, gums recede and the teeth start to come loose. This can lead to the loss of the teeth that would otherwise stay undamaged.

The basic precondition for parodontosis treatment is to practice the correct techniques for cleaning the teeth. At the start phase, when only the edges of the gums are damaged, this is the only solution that will lead to complete recovery and the disappearance of the inflammation. If however tartar has formed, it is necessary to remove it at the dental surgery.

The dentists at the Asklepion Clinic are able to identify what kind of bacteria is responsible for the illness, complete their examination and administer the correct antibiotics. Read more about the treatment of gums and parodontosisat Asklepion. 

What does dental hygiene involve?

Our dental hygienists first provide the dental hygiene themselves and then teach you how to do it on your own. They also recommend the suitable tools and toothpastes with which to do so. They can also suggest whether teeth whitening or other aesthetic procedures are suitable for you.

Do you have aesthetic or health problems of the oral cavity? If you do, don´t hesitate to contact us and make an appointment with our specialist. We can help with parodontosis treatment, as well as teeth whitening and the production of teeth facets.

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