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Karlovy Vary Balneotherapy

Karlovy Vary Balneotherapy

  • Pathway to health and long quality life
  • Treatment of digestive tract diseases and metabolic disorders
  • Therapy for musculoskeletal issues and arteriosclerosis
  • Treatment of oncological and neurological diseases
  • Prevention of postoperative complications and inflammatory changes

For inquiries regarding bookings, please contact the SPA reception at telephone number +420 771 224 423.


Balneotherapy treatment




The thermal springs of Karlovy Vary are the fundamental pillar of our treatment procedures. They emerge from geysers from a depth of 2500 meters. Karlovy Vary thermal springs are unique for their temperatures, which range between 30 and 72 degrees Celsius. Their use for treatment dates back many centuries. Currently, 12 Karlovy Vary thermal springs are utilized for treatment, making Karlovy Vary a true treasure in the field of balneotherapy. 


Natural healing resources in Karlovy Vary include mineral waters, gases, and peloids, such as brines, peat, and mud. These resources are invaluable for our treatment procedures, including wraps and baths with peloid additives. Peloids stimulate the body's thermoregulatory mechanisms, increase cell sensitivity to oxygen and other active substances, have positive immunological and analgesic effects, and positively influence the locomotor system. Karlovy Vary balneological treatment procedures include drinking cures, baths, inhalations, and other physical therapies that utilize the healing power of Karlovy Vary springs and other natural resources. 


Karlovy Vary is a place with a unique spirit. This historic spa town is famed for its picturesque architecture, which combines various historical styles from baroque to art nouveau. Its charm lies in the harmonious symbiosis between natural healing springs and rich cultural history. Centuries of spa tradition are reflected in every alley, every spring, and every building, many of which are the work of prominent architects. Enjoy the healing power of this extraordinary place. 


The length of stay in the spa and the undergone balneotherapy play an important role. It is clear that the longer rest and reset we give to the body, the more positive are the effects on the changes in our bodily processes. Indulge in at least 6 - 7 days of spa stay, ideally 1 month and more. You will experience changes in the form of feelings of relief, freshness, and improvement of chronic problems for the next 6 - 12 months, and you will always return to Karlovy Vary.


Karlovy Vary Balneotherapy

First-class care

Karlovy Vary is renowned for its first-class balneotherapy, which uses the healing power of thermal springs and other natural resources. Spa procedures include a wide range of treatment methods, such as drinking cures with mineral water, paraffin wraps, inhalations, hydrotherapy, and many others. Asklepion Balneotherapy offers individualized programs based on a holistic approach, emphasizing the overall improvement of the patient's health and well-being. Treatment programs often focus on treating musculoskeletal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and also on promoting overall health and disease prevention. Thanks to its rich history and high standards of care, Karlovy Vary is a popular destination for those seeking to regenerate the body and mind.

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