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Ear, nose and throat

Ear, nose and throat

  • Modern laser operations
  • Short recovery times
  • Years of experience
  • Outpatient procedures


ENT treatment


At Asklepion we primarily focus on laser operations of the nasal and oral cavities. Among the most frequently performed procedures in our country are the treatment of chronic rhinitis and the elimination of snoring. Treatments are performed using the latest laser devices. We have more than a decade of experience with these tools, and thousands of satisfied clients. Procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and have a short recovery time.


Laser snoring treatment is particularly suitable for patients whose irritating noise is caused by vibrating soft palate tissues. The doctor therefore first determines the cause of the problem during the initial consultation. The operation itself takes 15 to 20 minutes. The diode laser treatment during the procedure is uncomfortable rather than painful. The doctor first uses local anesthesia and then adjusts the shape of the uvula and soft palate with a laser beam. Healing usually takes 5 to 10 days and hurts similarly to tonsillitis.


The feeling of a constantly stuffy nose or chronic rhinitis can be easily cured with the help of a laser. Laser mucotomy is a procedure in which the doctor evaporates the enlarged or damaged mucosa of the nose with a diode laser, thereby releasing the nasal vents. This removes only the superficial part of the mucosa, and the client undergoes surgery under local anesthesia. Everything heals very quickly, the condition can be likened to an acute cold. After healing, the nasal vents are released and difficulties practically disappear.


Do you find that after a long sleep you are still tired and without energy? Do you feel sleepy during the day? This may be due to apnea breaks during sleep, which significantly reduce sleep quality and can cause serious health problems. We will lend you a sleep monitor to take home that reliably captures your sleeping patterns. Your doctor will perform an ENT examination, evaluate your sleep monitor measurements, and suggest appropriate treatment.



First-class care

If you are troubled by chronic rhinitis, frequently experience a stuffy nose, and can only sleep with your mouth open, make an appointment for a consultation with an ENT specialist at Asklepion as soon as possible. We have extensive experience in the treatment of chronic rhinitis and snoring, and we are pioneers in laser methods in the Czech Republic.

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