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  • Experienced beauticians and close cooperation with dermatologists
  • High-performance Phytomer French cosmetics and VieCollection dermaceutics
  • Professional treatment and recommendations for home care
  • State-of-the-art facial and body devices


Cosmetic care at Asklepion – latest techniques and luxurious products ​


Asklepion's experienced beauticians work with the luxury professional products Phytomer and Vie Collection to create facial programmes for all skin types - aging, dehydrated, acne-prone, dry, etc. Special therapies are designed for the delicate eye area, and we complement everything with LPG and LPG Premium SPA facial endermolifting.


The perfect solution for removing cellulite uses a combination of body devices with effective programmes of Phytomer French cosmetics. Put yourself in the hands of our professionals, who will recommend a tailor-made treatment or combination of treatments, such as EMTONE - a completely non-invasive treatment that works on all 5 main causes of cellulite at once. Great in combination with EMSCULPT NEO. We also combine LPG and LPG Premium Spa treatment, Velashape, and aesthetic Shockwave to slim problematic areas, remove cellulite, and strengthen skin.  


Lymph drainage is a light massage of the lymphatic system that accelerates the flow of lymph and thus promotes metabolism in the body. Waste materials are washed out of the body faster, there is no accumulation, and you feel significantly better after the first procedure. At Asklepion we provide manual and instrumental lymphatic drainage, which can also be suitably combined with one another.


Treat yourself regularly to a relaxing treatment with Phytomer marine cosmetics products that will energise you and let you truly unwind. We will recommend one of Phytomer's tailor-made programmes to relieve your tension. We work closely with the Physiotherapy Department to treat stress and related difficulties.



First-class care​

The cosmetic departments at Asklepion centers are equipped with state-of-the-art facial devices, body sculpting and cellulite removal devices, biostimulation devices, and devices for skin collagen restoration. Asklepion cosmetics exclusively use top-of-the-line French brand Phytomer.

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