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Dental crowns

Dental crowns

  • Our own dental laboratory 
  • Highly aesthetic results
  • The gentlest treatments

If you've lost a large part of a tooth, don't despair. There is a quick and painless solution with a perfect aesthetic result. We are talking about crowns and partial crowns (veneers, overlays, inlays), which are placed on the filed-down tooth.




Ceramic crowns replace a missing part of a tooth or strengthen a tooth on which a root canal treatment has been performed. Crowns can be made of different materials. At Asklepion we work with metal-ceramic crowns consisting of an inner metal shell and a top ceramic layer, as well as all-ceramic crowns. Both types of crowns excel in their strength and good aesthetic properties.


Dental crowns and partial crowns are used in cases where the tooth can no longer be reconstructed with a filling alone. They are also used as part of a fixed bridge to replace a missing tooth. In an endodontically treated tooth, crowns reduce the risk of root fracture and modify the tooth functionally and aesthetically.


The doctor will examine the damaged tooth, including its root system, and determine its prognosis. After checking all your teeth, the doctor determines the appropriate treatment procedure. In the dental laboratory, we select the colour of the ceramic to match the surrounding teeth. Under local anaesthesia, we file the tooth to the desired shape and make impressions of both jaws. We always make a temporary crown on the spot (or facet, overlay, inlay) so that the patient does not leave without a tooth.


We cast a precise plaster model from the impression, which a lab technician then uses to make the final crown replacement. At the next visit, the doctor will have the patient try the crown in his or her mouth. If the crown fits and is also aesthetically acceptable, the doctor will attach it using special material. If the patient is missing a whole tooth, and the conditions are favourable, a crown can be attached to a dental implant.

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