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Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery

Do you desire to maintain a youthful and attractive appearance, boost your self-esteem, and adjust areas of the body with which you are not satisfied? At Asklepion, top surgeons with abundant international experience and a team of kind and experienced nurses are available to you. Trust us with your imperfections. We are here for you.






At Asklepion, we perform a wide range of aesthetic procedures. The most frequently performed procedures include facial adjustments, breast surgery, abdomen surgery, or liposuction.  


We work with top-notch devices in modernly equipped operating rooms. We provide patients with comprehensive high-level services, which include preoperative preparation, surgery, and subsequent postoperative care.


We provide services across the clinic, which accelerate convalescence or help achieve the ideal result of surgery - the department of cosmetics, dermatology, or rehabilitation.


We provide our clients with above-standard postoperative care. During hospitalization, qualified staff is always present, monitoring the patient's postoperative condition. Postoperative checks are free.



First-class care

Asklepion Plastic Surgery has three operating rooms. All are equipped with the latest technologies. Two super-aseptic rooms are designed for procedures in strict sterile conditions. The procedural room is used for minor surgeries, such as excisions or eyelid surgeries. The ward, which the Plastic Surgery in Prague operates, offers a very high standard of care to all its clients.


Plastic surgery - FAQ

What to do in case of a cold before the surgery?
In any case, inform the surgeon. It is recommended to postpone the procedure until full recovery.

Is it possible to undergo surgery during menstruation?
The surgery should be planned so that you do not have your period, as during this period, there is generally more bleeding during the operation, and after the surgery, you may experience more swelling and bruising.
What should I take with me for surgery?
When hospitalized in the inpatient department of the Asklepion clinic, bring your hygiene items, slippers, and the medications you regularly take with you.
What is your preoperative examination like?
Before surgery, a personal consultation with the plastic surgeon is necessary. After that, you can schedule the surgery date. The preoperative examination includes blood and urine laboratory tests, an EKG, and an examination by an internist or general practitioner. This examination can also be done at our clinic and should not be older than 3 weeks. For breast surgery, a breast mammography is also required.
Is it possible to get plastic surgery on installment payments with you?

We do not offer plastic surgeries or other aesthetic medical procedures on installment payments at Asklepion.

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