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Acne treatment

Acne treatment

Why opt for Acne treatment at Asklepion?

  • Combination of the most effective laser and other treatment methods
  • We treat the cause, course and consequences of acne
  • We will cooperate with the Cosmetic Ward to provide you with the best treatment
  • We have the most experienced dermatologists in the Czech Republic
Are you fed up of masking unsightly pimples with a thick layer of make-up? Do you want smooth, trouble-free skin? Our specialists can solve all your problems. Make an appointment and entrust yourself to their care. They will recommend the right method for you and give advice on effective dermatology care.

What is acne?

Like wrinkles, acne is seen as one of most common aesthetic skin imperfections. It is caused by clogged sebaceous gland ducts which manifest themselves in an inflammatory reaction. If left untreated acne can in a later phase cause cysts to form under the skin. These cysts are filled with pathological material which eventually lead to deep scarring.

Acne treatment

Acne treatment can include hormonal treatment, antibiotics, alterations in diet and the recommendation of certain food supplements. All of these treatments can help to completely cure lighter forms of acne and improve more difficult forms.

Effective methods for acne removal

At Asklepion, we offer laser acne treatment. This has proven to be one of the most effective forms of acne treatment. We also provide other treatment methods that have very positive results.

Smoothbeam Laser

The smoothbeam laser beam directly targets the overactive sebaceous glands and prevents the formation of acne.
  • This method is 98 - 100% successful on the back after three sessions. This is because the back contains less sebaceous glands and as a result, higher levels of laser energy can be used.
  •  From 4 to 5 sessions are needed for facial treatment.
  • After the first treatment, acne is usually reduced by 50 - 60%.
  • Smoothbeam can also be used to treat and improve (hypertrophic) acne scars.

VRM Spectrum Laser

This laser works on the basis of selective photothermolysis.
  • It is used for therapy of inflammatory acne manifestations, extensive pores, seborrhoeic oily skin, fine wrinkles, post-inflammatory hyperchromatosis or melasma.
  • The results are visible after the first session.
  • After the first treatment, acne is reduced by 50 - 60%.

Laser gel mask

The application of a laser gel mask - Le Masque de Laser Asklepio - is also a very successful treatment method. This is especially the case when combined with the biostimulating Maestro laser. The mask cleans and regenerates the skin.

Omnilux biostimulating lamp

This lamp emits red light which helps to heal inflamed areas very quickly. Great results are also achieved by using the blue spectrum of the Omnilux lamp. The blue light destroys bacteria in the sebaceous glands and reduces inflammation.

Chemical peeling

Acne treatment can also include chemical peeling with highly concentrated fruit acid (40 - 70 %). The skin is exfoliated and then neutralized during this procedure. The calloused parts of the skin are removed to make space for new cells.

What to do after acne treatment?

  • Laser acne treatment may turn the skin slightly red.
  • It is recommended to avoid sunshine for 3 months after the treatment.
  • Use preparations with a high protective factor.
It is important to always consult your dermatologist. They can inform you about other procedures and can recommend the best aftercare for newly treated skin. Do not forget to regularly visit your beautician during the acne treatment. The Cosmetics Ward at Asklepion offers specialized skin care programmes for acne and uses purely natural Phytomer cosmetics made of seaweed.

Do you want to get rid of annoying acne today? Make an appointment and entrust the care of your skin to our specialists at the Asklepion Clinic. At the clinic we can also help you with the removal of warts or unsightly spots and pigmentation.​

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