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Wrinkle removal

Wrinkle removal

Why opt for wrinkle removal at Asklepion?

  • We quarantee the lowest price for wrinkle reducing injections
  • Our dermatologists are the most frequented in the field
  • We use the most modern and clinically tested methods to maximize effect
  • Our various aesthetic medical specialists cooperate closely to provide integrated care

The most common methods of wrinkle removal

At Asklepion we use several methods. The most common is the application of wrinkle reducing injections. It is suitable for removing mimic wrinkles around the eyes or on the forehead. The substance is injected under the skin and interrupts the neuro-muscular connections. This prevents mimic wrinkles from forming. Wrinkles can also be filled by injection with a filling material. At Asklepion we have a broad selection of the latest generation of fillers to choose from.

At the Asklepion Clinic we also remove wrinkles through the application of a patient´s own fat cells, so-called lipotransfer. During this intervention a patient´s fat is moved from problematic areas and then applied to the areas where there is a lack of it. An alternative method is skin rejuvenation with a patient´s own plasma. The PRP method uses the patient's own plasma, enriched with growth factors from platelets, to create a "vitamin cocktail" that is injected directly into the skin. This triggers regeneration processes.

Wrinkle removal using the most modern technologies

Therapy with the Omnilux device is an ideal way of preventing the formation of wrinkles. The intense red light stimulates the collagen fibres of the skin, resulting in the skin stretching. At Asklepion we also perform classic dermatological peels that give results that are almost comparable to surgical treatment. 

The Dermatology Ward at Asklepion Prague also offers laser rejuvenation treatment which also removes wrinkles. The most radical method of wrinkle removal is  facelift that surgically stretches the wrinkles in the face and the neck areas. The latest innovations include endoscopic brow lift, which enables us to adjust the position of the eyebrows and stretch the forehead, and liposuction of double chins and cheeks using radiofrequency liposuction BodyTite.

All the methods for wrinkle removal are performed in fully equipped modern operating theatres and by a first class team of specialists. The results are perfect and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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