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Hand surgery

Hand surgery

  • Experienced surgeons
  • Postoperative and rehabilitative care
  • Modern methods

At Asklepion, we perform selected procedures in the field of hand surgery, such as surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren contracture, trigger finger, and other conditions.




If you cannot put your hand with your palm and fingers flat on a level surface (positive tabletop test), or if you have difficulty with your daily activities, you are probably a good candidate for treatment. The disease itself is painless, but very restrictive in life. The operation is performed through an incision in the palm and on the affected fingers. The problematic thickened and shortened connective tissue is interrupted (aponeurotomy) or removed (aponeurectomy). Depending on its extent, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis or with one-day hospitalisation.


The most common cause of carpal tunnel is chronic overloading of the hand and associated changes in the wrist – this need not involve hard manual work, you can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome even if you work on a computer. If you suffer from nocturnal pain, tingling, and reduced sensitivity especially of the thumb, index and middle finger, or weakened fine motor control of the thumb, you should definitely see a specialist. Clinical diagnosis is specified by an EMG examination, which simultaneously determines the degree of nerve suppression. Carpal tunnel syndrome does not disappear easily and in the vast majority of cases worsens over time, so early diagnosis and treatment are essential for the recovery of the hand. The shortest healing time follows after endoscopic surgery, and almost comparable, but still slightly longer, comes after gentle surgical release. We no longer perform classical surgery (except where serious reasons exist).


If you have noticed resistance and a painful ‘catching’ sensation when you bend or stretch your finger, it may be a condition called trigger finger. The solution is a procedure carried out under local anesthesia and involves the surgeon making a short incision into the palm of the hand and removing the cluster of ripped tendon fibres, thereby relieving the patient of their problems. After surgery, it will be necessary to keep the hand in an elevated position, which will relieve pain and reduce swelling. It is also important to care for the scar with pressure massages, which eliminate the formation of adhesions that could otherwise restrict movement. On about the tenth day after the operation – after the stitches have been removed – it is usually possible to fully load the hand again.


Our experienced surgeon selects the most suitable treatment method and performs it gently, with the least pain and the least complications with regards to short-term or long-term healing, thereby ultimately leading to a shorter treatment time and a quicker return to normal life. Of course there is precise follow-up care in our inpatient ward, and rehabilitation in cooperation with our physiotherapist.

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