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Why opt for liposuction at Asklepion?

  • We can help you get the look you've been dreaming of by removing a visible amount of fat
  • We use a combination of tumescent and micro-vibration liposuction to maximize the effect
  • We are the exclusive providers of BodyTite radiofrequency liposuction in the Czech Republic which allows us to tackle the appearance of flabby skin
  • Our highly experienced surgeons can help you with a minimum number of complications
  • We have highly accredited postoperative care
Do you suffer from rolls of fat and cannot get rid of them? At the Asklepion Clinic of aesthetic medicine we can introduce you to the latest methods of liposuction. We can help you determine which method is the best and most sensitive solution for you.

What is liposuction and who is it suitable for?

Liposuction is a form surgery whereby a certain amount of subcutaneous fat is sucked from an affected area. In the majority of cases we are contacted with regards to liposuction of the tummy and hips. These are traditionally the parts of the body that make people feel unsatisfied with themselves. Other body parts for which liposuction is appropriate are the thighs, inner knees, and buttocks.

Who is liposuction not suitable for?

Liposuction is not a method by which to reduce weight in overweight or obese people. The quality, contractility and elasticity of the skin are very important for the final effect. If the skin lacks elasticity and contractility, which happens as a result of ageing, the skin may stay flabby and slack after the intervention.

It is for this reason that when determining the extent of the intervention and choosing the best method of liposuction for you, careful consideration is given to your age. The total amount of fat suctioned during one surgery may not exceed 2000 to 3000 ml because of the risk of possible complications to your overall health.

If you want to know if liposuction is suitable for you, then make an appointmentwith our specialist to find out. They will advise you on what the most suitable solution is for you.

What does traditional liposuction involve?

  • The intervention is performed under total anaesthesia.
  • We use a combination of tumescent and micro-vibration liposuction with the Micro Aire device
  • We fill the marked areas with a tumescent solution that reduces any pain and bleeding, as well as the production of acid waste products. It helps to prevent postoperative pains during the postoperative stage.
  • If the skin is flabby, we use the BodyTite radiofrequency liposuction device, which can also suppress small vascular bleeding.

How do you prepare for liposuction?

1) Make an appointment with our plastic surgeon.

2) One week prior to the planned surgery you must provide us with results of both a laboratory and internal preoperative examination. You can undergo the examination at your general practitioner or directly at our clinic one day before the surgery. You must take into account that in this case the surgery might be postponed if the results are not within acceptable limits.

3) Do not take any medications containing acetylsalicylic acid, which influences blood coagulation, for at least three weeks prior to the surgery.

4) You should be fit and healthy and not have had any acute illnesses e.g. cold or viral infection, for at least two to three weeks prior to the planned surgery. Smokers should also temporarily give up smoking. Smoking significantly slows down the healing process.

5) You must come to the surgery on an empty stomach (the patient should not eat, drink or smoke for at least 8 hours prior to the surgery), at the agreed time, clean, with washed hair and no make-up.

6) After the surgery, you will stay at the clinic overnight and be released the following afternoon for home treatment.

7) We recommend you arrange help and transport by car when leaving for home treatment.

What do you have to do after liposuction?

  • After the surgery, it is necessary to rest for 7 to 10 days at home. We will provide you with antibiotics and medicines to reduce the swelling. You must not forget to take them regularly.
  • You can take a shower about 4 or 5 days after the surgery. You can apply ointments such as Heparoid or Hirudoid to the bruises. This will help the body to absorb the bruises quickly.
  • We recommend you only take off the elastic underwear for the time needed for personal hygiene.
  • You must wear the elastic underwear constantly for 6 weeks after the surgery.
  • About 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery you can start to perform pressure massages, at least 3 times per day for 20 minutes. We will advise you on how to perform the massages and when to start with them. Massages quicken the healing process.
  • Sport and physical exercise are possible 6 weeks after the surgery.
  • Going to the sauna or solarium is forbidden for the first 2 or 3 months.
  • When the skin is coloured, it is necessary to protect it from the sun, otherwise the changes in pigment could become permanent.
  • The healing time after surgery is individual. Swellings and bruises usually persist for 2 weeks, before subsequently fading away.
  • Stabilization of the scars often takes up to a year.
  • You will be regularly invited for postoperative examinations. We will work to ensure that the result corresponds to your expectations.
Do you have any further questions about liposuction? If you do, don´t hesitate to contact our specialists. Make an appointment today.​

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