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Our services

Our services

Asklepion Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offers its clients a wide range of services which help to keep the body healthy and beautiful. Thanks to the most modern medical procedures, high-quality instrumental equipment and our team of expert doctors, Asklepion is in a position to offer world-class services and tailor a personal approach to each client. 


You can have healthy and naturally beautiful skin with the help of our highly qualified team of dermatologists at Asklepion Clinic. We provide all types of treatment available in modern dermatology and laser medicine. Our years of experience are reflected in our excellent results.​

Healthy and flawless teeth are an absolute necessity these days. They often determine first impressions and boost self-confidence. Healthy teeth are of cardinal importance to the general state of health of the body as a whole. If you want healthy and beautiful teeth, do not hesitate to make use of the top-class treatments available at the Dentistry Ward of the Asklepion Clinic. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from detailed examinations and effective prevention, to fillings and prosthetics, as well as highly sophisticated operations! We can take care of you regularly as your family dentist, or we can help you with a particular problem you wish to solve.

ENT is a wide field that covers the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the ear, nose and throat. The Ear-Nose-Throat Ward at Asklepion offers a broad range of specialized treatments using the most modern type of surgical diode. The most frequent interventions involve among other things, the ambulatory removal of snoring by laser, treatment of chronic rhinitis and the removal of nasal polyps by laser. Asklepion has more than ten years’ experience with treating these problems and thousands of satisfied clients.

Finding a really good general practitioner is almost impossible nowadays. If you register with a general practitioner at Asklepion you receive high quality treatment with extra preventive programmes in one of the best equipped clinics in Prague.

Why opt for plastic surgery at Asklepion?

  • We exclusively offer BodyTite radiofrequency liposuction
  • We have a first-class team of surgeons with a proven success rate of interventions
  • We have high-tech equipment in all of our operating theatres
  • We provide accredited and careful postoperative care
  • We closely cooperate with all the fields of aesthetic medicine to provide integrated and comprehensive care

The Vascular Surgery Wards at the Asklepion clinics all have modern diagnostic equipment at their disposal, as well as first-class equipped operating rooms. Our experienced specialists particularly concentrate on treating varices (varicose veins). Clients can choose from a range of the most modern surgical methods including the CHIVA method, laser surgery, sclerotheraphy and others.

Put the beauty and health of your skin in the hands of our experienced cosmeticians. Cosmetic care at the Asklepion Clinic is for everyone who is seeking first-class services that combine the use of the latest techniques, luxurious cosmetic products, and the skills of the best cosmeticians and doctors.

  • Rejuvenation and improved appearance of intimate areas both surgically and non-invasively 
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation between experienced specialists who use the most advanced procedures 
  • Treatment of major and minor female genital problems

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