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The Cooltech fat removal procedure with summer discount!

Fat loss of up to 80%. No operation necessary and just 5,400 CZK!

Plus new Fotona for firming up loose skin...

Fall in love again with your new firm body. At Asklepion, we use the most effective freezing method to liquidate fat cells (cryolipolysis) and so reliably get rid of all your problem areas, leaving you to enjoy your superbly shaped body.

Have you been disappointed with a “fat loss” procedure in a cosmetic salon? The doctor-administered Cooltech fat removal procedure is so effective it restores the prestige of the cryolipolysis treatment.

How much does Cooltech cost?

Usual price per area: 7,200 CZK

Summer price per area: 5400 CZK*

* On 1 area (e.g. thighs, arms or lower abdomen) are usually applied 2 Cooltech applicators. The stated price refers to 2 applicators.

The special offer applies from 1 June 2019 until all available appointment slots at Asklepion Prague and Karlovy Vary are booked. So don’t delay with your booking!

Clinical studies show fat loss of up to 80% in four months!

Book today and you’ll still have time to enjoy your slim, superbly sculpted body in a swimsuit this summer! The result is measurable right away, and you’ll carry on losing weight for a further 3 months!

What is the Cooltech fat removal procedure?

It’s the latest method of liquidating adipose cells using freezing. With maximum possible sub-zero temperatures dropping down to -8 °C, it means treatment must be performed by a doctor, not a cosmetician. Its effects are incomparably better compared to standard cryolipolysis performed in beauty salons. The procedure is suitable for both men and women. We achieve excellent results in the following body areas: stomach, thighs, buttocks, back, arms and hips. Treatment can always be carried out on 2 areas simultaneously.

Shaping combo Asklepion Prague

We recommend supplementing Cooltech therapy with a new laser treatment - Fotona Tight Sculpting*, which boosts the flushing out of fat cells, kick-starts the creation of collagen and visibly tightens the skin above the area from which fat has been lost. Your figure will be firm and perfectly contoured.

Call Jana (client service manager for international clients) for booking on 00420 602 767 764


*We carry out the treatment Fotona Tight Sculpting only at Asklepion Prague.

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