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Rachael Brown – Why I prefer to have plastic surgeries abroad

Rachael Brown – Why I prefer to have plastic surgeries abroad

Asklepion’s long-time client Rachael Brown, 39, from Manchester shared her experience with aesthetic surgeries and why she has chosen to have them done abroad. And price is not the only reason.  

"In 2005 I had a gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. I started at 21 stones and managed to reduce it by almost 10. It let to lots of loose skin and that is why I seeked the cosmetic clinic for the first time,“ said Rachael and continued: “Obviously, first I was considering clinics at home, but my friend recommended Asklepion in Prague. She already had 5 plastic surgeries of all kinds there and was very happy with the results and quality of services in general.”  

A tummy tuck was my first surgery at Asklepion 

“First surgery I had in Asklepion was almost 10 years ago a tummy tuck. I was very pleased with the results back then and even now. My scar is minimal, and I was lucky with no complications. However, I strictly followed the doctor’s orders, and I was taking care of myself even months after the surgery.“  

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a form of aesthetic surgery that solves problems such as loose skin and a slack abdominal that may occur after pregnancy or significant weight loss.   

A tummy tuck tightens expanded muscles of the abdominal wall, reduces subcutaneous fat tissue and removes excessive skin. 

Price is not the only reason I’m coming back 

“This time, I’m in Prague for tight lift and liposuction. I made the quote for this treatment in England where it was 4 times more expensive than in Asklepion. So, even with add-ons as flight tickets and accommodation, you can’t beat the price. When you say “cheap surgery” many people think “don’t come near it”, but it is not true. If you choose reliable clinic with good reviews, you can get much better care for much less money,” said Rachael.  

A thigh lift involves the surgical removal of skin mounds and folds in the area of thighs that are caused by saggy skin. The operation is suitable for those people who cannot achieve the same results with liposuction. “It usually happens after the significant weight loss, like in Rachael’s case,” said dr. Helena Singerova, plastic surgeon at Asklepion Prague, and added:  

“When the skin lacks elasticity and is significantly loose, either liposuction or BodyTite radiofrequency liposuction, can’t solve the problem. Other popular surgeries after a weight loss are abdominoplasty, breast lift and arm lift. All those types of surgeries have effective results, usually combined with liposuction, however every patient must accept that scars can’t be avoided. “  

Asklepion’s aftercare is unique 

“For many people the price is the main reason to consider a cosmetic clinic abroad. It was the important thing for me as well. However, thanks to my previous experience and close friend recommendation, I know that you can’t even compare the quality of client services here at Asklepion with those you can get at private clinics in England. Not only the pre-op care is excellent, and doctors are experts and explain the treatments into the details, the aftercare is unique. I got the 24/7 phone number and was offered that the surgeon can come to see me in my hotel even during the weekend, if a complication occurs!”, Rachael shared her experience.  

“From my experience, price is not the only reason why clients decide for the aesthetic surgery abroad. Especially clients from UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland appreciate not only significantly lower price of the treatment but also high quality and erudition of plastic surgeons in the Czech Republic. Many are content with friendly approach and no language barrier. We have English and German speaking staff here in Asklepion,” added dr. Helena Singerova. 

“Some people might hesitate to trust the surgeon in different country, but I do and I would recommend Asklepion’s services to anybody. Even 2 weeks after leaving Prague, I'm still having aftercare with surgeon and client services and will continue to have till my stiches are removed,” Rachael closed the interview.   

Helena Singerova, MD – plastic surgeon with 20+ years of experience. Certified and registered with plastic surgeon specialty in the Czech Republic, 7 years working experience in the UK. Member of Czech, European and International medical societies of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.  

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