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Have you gained weight during the quarantine? We’re here to help you out: Cooltech cryolipolysis at a 20% discount.

Has the long quarantine at home left its mark on your figure? Medically administered cryolipolysis Cooltech can deal with those problem areas which don’t measure up to your preferred image! We don’t want to leave you all alone to deal with shaping your figure, so we are offering you an extraordinary 20% discount on eliminating fat cells by freezing.

Cooltech cryolipolysis is the most popular treatment for shaping your figure. It’s also the most successful. Clinical studies have shown fat loss in treated areas of up to 80% over four months! Results are immediately visible, but you will continue to slim down over several weeks.

Lose up to 80 % of fat! Without surgery or hunger

How does Cooltech cryolipolysis work?

This method of eliminating fat cells by freezing uses the lowest possible temperature, ‑8°C. That is why this treatment can be administered only by a physician, not by a cosmetician. The results cannot even be compared with those of regular cryolipolysis administered in a cosmetic salon. The treatment is beneficial for both women and men. Excellent results are obtained in these problem areas: abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back, arms, and hips. The treatment is always applied to two areas at the same time.

What does a Cooltech treatment cost?

Regular price for one area*: 7 400 CZK

Discount price for one area*: 5 600 CZK

*In the majority of cases, two applicators of Cooltech are used in one area (thighs, arms, lower abdomen, etc.). The price displayed is for two applicators.

 Easily make an appointment for treatment by contacting Jana Hrncirova by email:  or by calling +420 602 767 764. The special offer is valid until 30 June 2020 or until all available appointments are booked.

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