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Brow lift – Lifting of the forehead and endoscopic forehead surgery

Brow lift – Lifting of the forehead and endoscopic forehead surgery

Why opt for a brow lift at Asklepion?

  • We use the latest methods that produce results without visible scars
  • Our experienced surgeons will help you choose the right method for you with maximum rejuvenating effect
  • We have the largest clinic of aesthetic medicine in the Czech Republic
  • You can expect a quick recovery with minimal pain

The process of ageing more often than not results in loose skin and wrinkles. The skin on the forehead is fixed strongly and directly to the skull. This is why, with successive loss of elasticity, the total fall is far less significant than in the lower parts of the face. The forehead is an ideal candidate for rejuvenation. Make an appointment with our specialist and learn more about what modern methods there are for forehead lifting.

What is a brow lift and who is it suitable for?

The greatest fall of skin on the forehead is usually on the lower part of the eyebrow area. Looser fixation of the skin to the skull results in the formation of significant numbers of mimic wrinkles, which can be quite noticeable and which grow deeper with certain facial expressions.

These wrinkles and aesthetic imperfections can be corrected with plastic surgery of the forehead - better known as a brow lift. For imperfections around the temple area we also offer our clients specialized lifting of the outer part of the forehead.

During plastic surgery of the forehead the loose skin is tightened and the wrinkles smoothed away. We use two basic surgical methods for this - the classic surgical technique and endoscopic surgery.

What does endoscopic forehead surgery involve?

  • Endoscopic surgery of the forehead is much more conservative and it is performed using special instruments and optical equipment. This allows us to operate from a small incision (approx. 1cm long) with simultaneous control of the operational field on screen.
  • During endoscopic lifting of the forehead, four incisions are usually made close to the hairline above the forehead - two in the middle and two above the temples.
  • The skin of the forehead is tightened and lifted upwards, with the excessive skin being pulled beyond the hairline.

The endoscopic method is a gentler and more conservative intervention which leaves only small scars. This method is suitable for skin that is less loose and is only affected by shallow mimic wrinkles. Endoscopic surgery of the forehead can also be applied to men due to the minimal scarring.

What does lifting of the outer part of the forehead at the temples involve?

  • The lifting of the outer part of the forehead can only be done under local anaesthesia and sedatives.
  • The incisions are made beyond the hairline in the area close to the temples.
  • The skin around the outer part of eyebrows is mobilized, tightened, and the excessive skin removed. The skin is subsequently sewn back together.
  • The forehead is fixed using an elastic bandage and elastic headband.

This intervention lifts the outer part of the eyebrows without any visible scars - the scars are hidden beyond the hairline.

How do you prepare for a brow lift?

1) Make an appointment with our plastic surgeon.

2) One week prior to the planned surgery you must provide us with results of both a laboratory and internal preoperative examination. You can undergo the examination at your general practitioner or directly at our clinic one day before the surgery. You must take into account that in this case the surgery might be postponed if the results are not within acceptable limits.

3) Do not take any medications containing acetylsalicylic acid, which influences blood coagulation, for at least three weeks prior to the surgery.

4) You should be fit and healthy and not have had any acute illnesses e.g. cold or viral infection, for at least two to three weeks prior to the planned surgery. Smokers should also temporarily give up smoking. Smoking significantly slows down the healing process.

5) You must come to the surgery on an empty stomach (the patient should not eat, drink or smoke for at least 8 hours prior to the surgery), at the agreed time, clean, with washed hair and no make-up.

6) After the surgery, you will be immediately released from the clinic.

7) We recommend you arrange help and transport by car when leaving for home treatment.

What do you have to do after a brow lift?

  • After the surgery, it is necessary to rest for 7 to 10 days at home. We will provide you with antibiotics and medicines to reduce the swelling. You must not forget to take them regularly.
  • For the first 4 to 5 days do not bend or turn your head sharply. Each movement must be done very slowly. The swelling will be the biggest on the third day after the surgery, after that it will successively lessen.
  • It is important to leave the elastic bandage and Mikrofoam fixation in place for 5 to 7 days after the surgery. Once this period has passed, you can wash your face and head - use normal shampoo and let your hair dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer. Wash your face regularly every day being careful around the areas with stitches.
  • After washing your face and head you must put on the elastic headband again. It must be worn constantly for 10 days and then only at night during the following week. The fixation is very important for keeping the skin on the forehead in the proper position.
  • The stitches are usually taken out 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery.
  • The scars will be hidden beyond the hairline. There is no need to massage them.
  • Sport and physical exercise are possible 6 weeks after the surgery.
  • Going to the sauna or solarium are forbidden for the first 2 or 3 months after the operation.
  • You will be regularly invited for postoperative examinations. We will work to ensure that the result corresponds to your expectations.

Do you have any questions with regards to brow lifts? If you do, don´t hesitate to contact our specialists. Make an appointmenttoday.

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