Our team

Our specialists are the most experienced experts in their fields and important scientists. They participate in research, develop new procedures and technologies, lecture at significant international conferences, teach at medical faculties, and organize training for doctors in the Czech Republic and abroad. This means, among other things, that Asklepion is the first in the Czech Republic to offer the latest, proven methods and is one of the best centres in the world.

Dermatology care:


Plastic surgery:

Cosmetic care:


Bc. Ivo Peřina
Bc. Ivo Peřina

Ear nose throat:

Vascular surgery:

 Zdeněk Ott MD
Zdeněk Ott, MD
Vascular Surgeon
 Marek Šlais MD
Marek Šlais, MD
Vascular Surgeon
 Radek Vyšohlíd MD
Radek Vyšohlíd, MD
Vascular Surgeon

General practitioner:

 Pavla Prandževová MD
Pavla Prandževová, MD
General Practitioner
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