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Please leave your contact information and we will get back to you right away. We will schedule a time and tell you all about your treatment in detail.

General practitioner

General practitioner

Finding a really good general practitioner is almost impossible nowadays. If you register with a general practitioner at Asklepion you receive high quality treatment with extra preventive programmes in one of the best equipped clinics in Prague.

Department treatments of General practitioner

The clinic is ideally located in the centre of Prague with easy access and on-site parking, or parking in the immediate vicinity. We provide a pleasant environment and above all no long waiting times in waiting rooms full of infectious patients. At Asklepion you can arrange the exact time of your appointment and save your precious time.

The general practitioner solves the problems that need special treatment directly in the clinic in cooperation with other fields of treatment that we provide at Asklepion.

General practitioner in Prague

The general practitioner at Asklepion also provides vaccinations against tick encephalitis, vaccinations against influenza, applications of vitamin infusions and high quality prevention programmes:

  • Anamnesis with regards to physical condition, risk factors and professional risks;
  • Family anamnesis with regards to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, fat metabolism disorders and tumour diseases;
  • Complete physical examination of inert character including examinations of sight, hearing, and colour perception, taking blood pressure, weighing and BMI calculation, and where there is an indication, determining weight on bio-impedance scales;
  • Oncology prevention including skin examination (in indicated cases cooperation with dermatologists), instruction on the necessity and method of self-examination of breasts for women, ECG examination and data evaluation;
  • Chemical urine examination with heptaphan;
  • Evaluation of health status and suggestions for further medical treatment.
Hours of attendance:
Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 - 13:00 hrs.

Patients registered with Dr. Prandževová and OZP insurees benefit from the Prevention Programme free of charge. Other clients can make an appointment for CZK 1,030. Why not make use of the Asklepion special offer and make an appointment with Dr. Pavla Prandževová today? Vaccination is suitable at any time of year!

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