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EMFACE lifting

EMFACE lifting

  • Needle-free and pain-free face rejuvenation in 4x20 minutes 
  • 37% improvement in wrinkle appearance, 23% firmer contours 
  • Ideal after injectables or as a complement to laser treatments  
  • In the Czech Republic, it is a unique technology with immediate results  

EMFACE is a breakthrough treatment for natural face rejuvenation without surgery, healing, and needles. Long-term results visible in as little as 4 treatments. Regain your youthful contours and glowing complexion. 




EMFACE is the first and only procedure on the market that simultaneously treats facial skin and muscles, including the connective tissue, all without using needles. It smooths wrinkles, improves skin firmness, and actively and effectively remodels wilted face contours. Clinical studies of EMFACE showed an increase of collagen by an average of 26%*, a twofold increase of elastin in the tissue, and a 30%* increase of resting muscle tone. The simultaneous effect of these technologies leads to 37%  less wrinkles and 23% greater lifting effect.


EMFACE treats three face zones simultaneously - forehead and both cheeks from the corners of your mouth upwards. Special applicators are put into place and they simultaneously emit both synchronized radiofrequency and electromagnetic HIFES™ energies. Synchronized radiofrequency remodels and smooths the skin by heating the dermis and increasing the level of collagen and elastin fibers. Electromagnetic waves restore and lift the facial tissues by selectively contracting muscles and increasing density and quality of muscle structure.


The EMFACE treatment is performed during four, 20-minute long sessions planned 5 to 10 days apart. First results are visible immediately after the treatment. Final results usually occur within 90 days after the last session and continue to improve several weeks after the procedure. There is no similarly effective non-invasive lifting procedure in the world that reduces wrinkles and improves skin quality at the same time. EMFACE is suitable for all ages and genders.


EMFACE treatment can be successfully combined with all laser procedures such as pigment removal, Fotona 4D, Vector Lift, and more. After the EMFACE treatment, delay the application of botulinum toxin by 3 weeks. After that, botulinum toxin may be recommended to complement and improve the effect of EMFACE. Application of hyaluronic acid is recommended no earlier than 3 months after the EMFACE treatment. The ideal combinations of these treatments will be recommended by your dermatologist upon consultation.


EMFACE lifting - FAQ

Do I need to prepare for the EMFACE treatment?
The treatment does not require any special preparation or subsequent healing. You may immediately return to your daily routine, including sports or travelling.
Is EMFACE treatment painful?
Not at all! It is a fully non-invasive treatment. You will feel a gentle heat, tingling, and contractions in the face. The intensity can be adjusted to be stronger or weaker anytime during the treatment.
For how long will I be healing?
EMFACE treatment does not require any specific care or healing time. Minor redness will wear off within several minutes and you may enjoy the results instantly.

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