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The original Asklepion Laser Centre in Prague has been recognized as the leader in laser medicine in the CR since 1996. In September 2005 it expanded, moved, added additional fields and opened the Clinic and Institute of Aesthetic Medicine on Londýnská ulice in Prague 2.

The once famous gynaecological-obstetrics clinic was completely renovated to cover 3,500 m2 and Asklepion became one of the largest private facilities for aesthetic medicine and longevity in Central Europe. Asklepion is unique for its size, comparable only to large state clinics, and above all its comprehensive view of human beauty, health and longevity. Thanks to a broad range of departments that work together under a single roof (corrective dermatology, laser medicine, plastic surgery, head and neck surgery, dentistry, vascular surgery, ENT, anti-aging medicine, internal medicine, cosmetics and other medical fields), advanced technology and equipment (dozens of offices with state-of-the-art equipment, three operating rooms, post- surgery care unit and laboratory…) and also thanks to ongoing cooperation with numerous research and university facilities in the CR and abroad, Asklepion is among the finest providers of medical services anywhere in the world.

The interior of the clinic was designed by Hippos Studio. Upon its move to the new facility, Asklepion adopted a new logo created by Studio Najbrt, which was also responsible for the corporate design of the company. The interior perfectly embodies the idea that a place for cultivating beautiful faces and bodies also deserves an aesthetic setting.

doc. MUDr. Roman Šmucler CSc.

owner of the clinic, dentist

Roman Šmucler (born 8 July, 1969, Prague) is a Czech dentist, dental surgeon, specialist in laser and aesthetic medicine, university professor, entrepreneur, moderator and screenwriter. In 1996 he founded Asklepion-Lasercentrum Praha s.r.o., a non-government medical facility focusing on laser and aesthetic medicine. For several years he worked at TV Nova, where he was the moderator of the first and second rounds of the Cleverest Czech contest. In 2016 he was elected president of the Czech Dental Chamber. He is an honourable member of the Society for Aesthetic and Laser Medicine of the JEP Czech Medical Association. In addition to many scientific and professional articles he is the author of the popular instructional guide Nevěřte ani mně aneb Špinavé triky a neuvěřitelné možnosti estetické medicíny (Don’t Believe Me Either: Dirty Tricks and the Unbelievable Possibilities of Aesthetic Medicine).


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