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The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Ward at Asklepion offers clients comprehensive care for locomotive organs in cooperation with other medical fields. In addition to classic preventive physiotherapy based on the kinesiological analysis of the client, we also offer therapeutic programmes for acute states, long term therapy of chronic states, rehabilitation which quickens recovery after plastic surgery interventions, and many others. The services we provide includes massage, where we specialize in sports (before and after the performance), relaxation, reflective and lymphatic massages. Asklepion also has at its disposal a large range of devices for figure shaping and non-invasive treatments and cellulite removal.

Department treatments of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for movement disorders and classic massages ​

The Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Ward in Asklepion Prague offers its clients an individual therapeutic approach to functional disorders of the locomotive system, complete rehabilitation after interventions for plastic surgery and physiotherapy procedures. One of the most frequented services is that for massages - classic, lymph and reflective.

First class rehabilitation for pain treatment and deformation of the locomotive system

Physiotherapy cures acute and chronic vertebrogenic problems (painful states of the spine), joint pain, muscle aches, muscular imbalances (shortened muscles x weakened muscles), post-traumatic states, inflammatory and degenerative diseases of joints, inflictions of soft tissue - ligaments and tendons, scar therapy, headaches or problems caused by sports load.

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Ward at the Asklepion Clinic also offers clients ergonomic consultancy  for working at the PC with regards to the correct sitting position or adaptation of the work environment.  The ward also offers pre- and post-operative care after extensive interventions under total anaesthesia (e.g. after abdominoplasty), physiotherapy treatment after dental intervention (after long term interventions, after teeth extraction, etc.). We are also successful in solving locomotive system disorders which are the result of stress, as well as ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

Don´t suffer! If you have persistent backache or other problems with the joints, spine or muscles, contact the experienced physiotherapists at the Asklepion Clinic.

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