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„This will be my second surgery at the Asklepion clinic under Dr Helena Singerova this year. I can not recommend Her Highly enough. Dr Singerova and her team have change my life. I just wish I had found her years ago. The team of people she has working for her are the best.These pictures are 3 weeks post Op. I will definitely be going back again some day x“
„After many year of research and trying to find a good clinic, a friend recommend the asklepion clinic in Prague And Dr Helena singerova, Jana the clinic manager who arranged everything for me. I'm am so pleased she did. I can't recommend this clinic highly enough! From start to finish the care and attention I received was outstanding. My surgery went brilliant and the work Dr singerova has done has given me a new lease of life. I can not thank her and her brilliant team enough. Thank you“
„I just wanted to leave a review for Dr Petr Kubický. You may use it , if you wish, for testimonials. This morning I had treatment with Dr Kubicky, but only when I came back home, after examining my tooth in a mirror, I could fully appreciate his work. He has done an amazing job. I know it is still a work in progress, but I could not believe how great my tooth looked already. Great shape and the treatment, importantly, did not hurt one bit. I think his is very skillfull, professional , attentive and his attention to detail is amazing. His bedsit manner is fantastic too. I am very happy you have recommended this doctor to me and would be eager to recommend him to others in return. Oh, and he speaks english very well which a bonus for me, of course. My dentist's nursing assistants were wonderful as well. Always smiling are reassuring. I immediately felt at ease in their company, from the minute one of the nurses greeted near the reception.“
„“I’m elated”, says Míša 2 months after getting liposuction at Asklepion, “I really didn’t expect such a huge change. The great thing is that the liposuction also smoothed out the cellulitis on my thighs, so they look much better. When my friends saw me after the operation, they were amazed at the huge change. Everyone noticed.” “My pants are two sizes smaller and I feel great”. Míša was bothered by wide hips and heavy thighs.“
„Hi, I would just like to thank the medical and nursing team for the wonderful treatment that I received. The procedure what I had was a facelift with SMASS technique, I have to say from my initiation for the clinic leading up to my surgery was of the highest standards.  From my inital medical assessment through to surgery and recovery and the nursing care was exceedingly high standards of care. If any One in the UK is thinking of cosmetic surgery abroad this doctor and clinic I would most certainly recommend. The Asklepion clinic is the most elite clinic I have visited in Prague and I am confident in stating this as I have several procedures through Prague. Many thanks“
„May I take this opportunity to say  how impressed I was with the care and attention that I received while staying at the Asklepion Clinic.The nurses, anaesthetist and surgical team were absolutely amazing, words cannot express the gratitude I feel for all the staff at the clinic. All the staff were extremely helpful, knowledgeable,  very experienced, friendly and polite.I would like to especially recognise Jana, she was by far the sweetest, most caring lady. I feel that all her attention and support both pre and post op made the all difference to my experience at Asklepion. She patiently answered all my emails pre op, putting my mind at rest even when she was on holiday herself.She accompanied me for my mammogram and ultra sound scans which were held at another clinic and her support gave me comfort, confidence and reassurance throughout the the whole of my stay at Asklepion. She came to see me after my operation to offer words of support and even walked me back to my hotel after I had been discharged. She obviously cares about her patients and goes above and beyond of what is required of her and deserves to be rewarded.Dr Singerova performed my surgery, she patiently advised and explained everything to me and any questions that I had were answered thoughtfully and professionally. I have nothing but praise and heartfelt thanks for her, she is a miracle worker and has made me a very happy lady.​“
„Firstly I have to say that despite having an operation and the discomfort that naturally goes along with that I did have an incredible and enjoyable time in Prague. From arrival to my beautiful hotel and coming across, have the treatment, care afterwards and help back to the hotel, all was extremely well thought out and I felt really well looked after.I was very impressed with the pre-operational checks on my health including taking the taxi with you, Jana for the tests at the clinic on the outskirts of Prague. I felt that you were all very careful to ensure that I was healthy enough to have the surgery and would have been open and frank had I not been. The medical doctor was very thorough and friendly as were all the supporting staff.I was happy in my accommodation at Asklepion and was grateful for all the support pre and post-operatively and  nurses were wonderful. Everyone spoke good English and were very kind with me and reassured me when I had any concerns and questions. The sense of humour was lovely too and I had such a laugh with the medical doctor and the anaesthetist! I am delighted with the results of my treatment.“
„First of all I would like to thank the Asklepion clinic for changing my life. The idea of surgery was in my head for many years, now when I already did it I can't be happier. Mudr. Helena Singerova is amazing. Her knowledge and experience is on the highest level. She knew exactly what I need. I can truly trust her about any plastic surgery and thank her for making me happy and satisfied. I would like to thank also Tereza Vratna for professional contact with me. Since beginning her messages were full of details which made me more confident and sure about clinic also surgery. She provided me with the best care and she went above and beyond her job roll. If I ever decide to have another surgery I'll choose Asklepion again.Thank you again for making me happy and satisfied.“
„From start to finish the whole experience can't be faulted. Jana has been so good from the very first email I sent to every appointment since she's been with me. All the staff friendly, spotless hospital. Would recommend anyone to visit here. Thankyou so much, sure I will see you again.“
Jana Hrncirova

client services manager

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