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Breast lift (Mastopexy or modelling)

Breast lift (Mastopexy or modelling)

Why opt for breastlift  at Asklepion?

  • We have the most experienced surgeons with a proven track record and the lowest number of complications
  • Our equipment and postoperative care is first-class
Have your breasts lost their firmness? Are you worried about sagging breasts? Are you unhappy with the size of your breasts? Our first class specialists at Asklepion can solve your problem with breastlift . Make an appointment today. Together we can determine the optimal shape and size of breasts you want.

What is  breastlift and who is it suitable for?

Breastlift is suitable for women who are experiencing a significant loosening of the mammary glands accompanied by a strong reduction of skin elasticity. Sagging breasts are most common after pregnancy and breastfeeding or after a significant reduction in weight.

Because the skin, which is crucial for the shape of the breast, is loose and excessive, it is necessary to reduce this skin cloak. Unfortunately, this cannot be done without incisions. The incisions are of varying degrees of size and subject to the individual patient. The results of these incisions are small scars. In all cases the areola also has to be moved. The incision is made circularly around the areola. In cases where there is greater breast loosening, the scar is made around the areola and below it in the shape of an anchor.

If the breasts are small, the modelling can be combined with breast enlargement using implants. In the case of large breasts, the modelling can be combined with breast reduction.

What does breastlift involve?

  • The surgical incisions are made according to predetermined lines and layout, which are drawn prior to the operation whilst the patient is standing. This is the only effective way to evaluate the shift and firmness of the breasts.
  • The excessive skin of the breast is removed, the mammary gland is loosened and together with the areola is pushed upwards; during breast reduction a part of the mammary gland is removed.
  • During parallel breast modelling and enlargement, the implants are inserted under the mammary gland.
  • The next step is to sew and model the mammary gland with inner absorbent stitches, and to subsequently stitch the subcutis and skin together. Absorbent stitches are also used for this because they support the stability of the scar over the long term during the healing process.
  • Drains are applied to take any bleeding or tissular secretions away.
  • Finally an underlaid elastic bandage is applied.
  • Breast modelling surgery usually takes 90 minutes.
  • At our clinic, we either use implants made in Germany by Polytech Silimed, or made in the USA by Mentor.

How do you prepare for breastlift ?

1) Make an appointment with our plastic surgeon.

2) One week prior to the planned surgery you must provide us with results of both a laboratory and internal preoperative examination. You can undergo the examination at your general practitioner or directly at our clinic one day before the surgery. You must take into account that in this case the surgery might be postponed if the results are not within acceptable limits.

3) Do not take any medications containing acetylsalicylic acid, which influences blood coagulation, for at least three weeks prior to the surgery.

4) You should be fit and healthy and not have had any acute illnesses e.g. cold or viral infection, for at least two to three weeks prior to the planned surgery. Smokers should also temporarily give up smoking. Smoking significantly slows down the healing process.

5) You must come to the surgery on an empty stomach (the patient should not eat, drink or smoke for at least 8 hours prior to the surgery), at the agreed time, clean, with washed hair and no make-up.

6) After the surgery, you will stay at the clinic overnight and will be released for home treatment the following afternoon.

7) We recommend you arrange help and transport by car when leaving for home treatment.

What do you do after breast modelling?

  • After the surgery, it is necessary to rest for 10 to 14 days at home.
  • We will provide you with antibiotics and medicines to reduce the swelling. You must not forget to take them regularly.
  • It is essential to wear an elastic bandage and bra for 4 to 5 days after the surgery. Once this period has passed you can shower again, wearing only the elastic bra from that point onwards.
  • Do not remove the plasters from the wounds. The plasters will be changed during your postoperative examination.
  • The stitches are absorbent so there is no need to take them out.
  • It is necessary to wear the elastic bra constantly for 6 weeks after the surgery You can only take it off to shower.
  • About 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery you can start to perform pressure massages, at least 3 times per day for 20 minutes. We will advise you on how to perform the massages and when to start with them. Massages will quicken the healing process.
  • Sport and physical exercise are possible 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery.
  • Going to the sauna or solarium is forbidden for the first 2 or 3 months.
  • If the skin is pigmented, it is necessary to protect it from the sun, otherwise the changes in pigment could become permanent.
  • The healing time after surgery is very individual. The swelling and bruises usually persist for 2 weeks.
  • Stabilization of the scars often takes up to a year.
  • You will be regularly invited for postoperative examinations. We will work to ensure that the result corresponds to your expectations.
Do you have any further questions with regards to breast modelling? Don´t hesitate to contact our specialists. Make an appointment today.​

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