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Removal of nasal polyps

Removal of nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are most often the result of chronic rhinitis, which can complicate life. We can get rid of them with quite simple ambulatory laser treatment. Nasal polyps are usually formed after weeks and months of chronic rhinitis. The nose firstly reacts to long-term irritation through increased secretions. This strains the nasal mucosae and subsequently stimulates the growth of the polyps. Polyps are small benign formations. Their continued growth can, among other things, cause nasal obstructions and a gradual loss of smell.

What can nasal polyps cause?

First partial and later permanent obstruction of the nose. Polyps are very unpleasant and make nasal breathing impossible. It is for this reason that those who have them are forced to walk or sleep with an open mouth. They can also cause headaches.

Treatment of nasal polyps

In the past, the polyps were removed immediately by surgical treatment. Nowadays, on the back of new theories about polyp formation, a more conservative treatment method is preferred. These methods include the prescribing of antibiotics over the long term or the local application of intranasal corticoids. Only when these conservative treatments fail, is a surgical intervention considered. At Asklepion we provide polypectomy with a laser diode. After the intervention it is necessary to follow the patient over the long term and, according to their condition, complement the surgery with conservative treatments. A relapse is always a possibility.

How does the laser intervention work and what are the advantages?

The removal of polyps with a laser is a much more considerate and almost painless intervention. The quick and straight cut of the laser beam means the treated area bleeds minimally. For the procedure the patient in either under total anaesthesia or induced analgosedation with sedatives and painkillers. After the intervention, most clients experience no further health problems. Bleeding during the treatment is mostly minimal and the client can leave the clinic after sleeping off the anaesthesia.

Do you suffer from chronic rhinitis? Is your nose always blocked? Do you sleep with your mouth open? If so, make an appointment with the ENT specialist at Asklepion as soon as possible. We have years of experience in treating chronic rhinitis, removing polyps, and treating snoring. We are pioneers in the use of laser treatments in the Czech Republic.

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