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Spider vein treatment

Spider vein treatment

Why opt for spider vein removal at Asklepion?

  • We have the most modern lasers for treatment of all types of vascular problems
  • We cooperate closely with the Vascular Surgery Ward
  • You can expect a quick recovery and maximum effects

Do you suffer from visibly red spider veins on your cheeks? Do you want perfect skin that you do not have to be ashamed of? Tens of thousands of satisfied patients have undergone treatment for this disease at Asklepion. We have many years of experience with removing spider veins. Make an appointment and see for yourself.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are the result of the poor elasticity of the fibres in the venous walls. Spider veins are usually red and occur on the face and nose. They may be soft and can cause larger flares on the face. In the worst cases they are stronger and branched which makes them more visible. They do not only occur on the face. Their blue variant can occur on lower extremities.
The formation of spider veins is caused by several factors. These factors include genes, excessive sunbathingquick and extreme temperature changes, etc.

They are formed especially:

  • During pregnancy
  • As a result of obesity
  • During severe hormonal changes
  • As a result of serious disease

What does the procedure for spider vein removal involve?

The most effective method for removing spider veins is laser treatment. It is highly effective. At Asklepion we have several options. Our dermatologists will gladly advise you on the best treatment for you.

Laser Vbeam

This removes veins of up to 1mm in diameter. The laser beam is captured by the vein, which is destroyed and subsequently gradually absorbed by the body. Compared to some older lasers, treatment with Vbeam usually leaves no visible spots on the treated area.

Laser GentleYAG

This laser enables us to remove light blue veins with a diameter of 1.0 to 3.0 mm. It is used for removing veins on the legs (for example around the ankles), where spider veins continue to branch when left untreated.

  • For the perfect result approximately 2 to 3 sessions are required.
  • There is no need to be afraid of severe pain, during treatment with a laser you will only feel something like "pinch".
  • The results are visible after the first treatment.

Get rid of unpleasant blushing

At Asklepion we also carry out specialized interventions for aesthetic issues that were until recently not possible to remove. So-called diffuse reddening of the face is characterized by a large quantity of small veins, which abruptly change colour due to emotions, or when moving from hot to cold environments.

We use the Ellipse Flex device to remove this problem. This device removes the spider veins for 100 % and recovery is very fast - it only takes a few hours.

What to do after spider vein removal?

  • Use ice on the treated area right after the intervention to minimize possible swelling.
  • Do not scratch off the scabs that may appear. Let them fall off naturally.
  • It is necessary to protect the treated area from UV radiation over the long term.

Do you want your skin to return to its healthy appearance? Do you want to get rid of unsightly spider veins today? Make an appointment for you first consultation and entrust yourself to the care of our dermatologists at the Asklepion Clinic. They can also help you with the removal of pigment spots and moles and with acne treatment.

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