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Removal of moles and spots

Removal of moles and spots

Why opt for mole and pigment spot removal at Asklepion?

  • You will be precisely examined by the most experienced dermatologists in the Czech Republic
  • We offer laser treatment that lasts just a few minutes
  • You can expect fast healing and minimum pain

Are you bothered by moles or ashamed of unsightly pigment spots? Don´t hesitate. You can have them removed for aesthetic or health reasons. Make an appointment with our specialists and get rid of moles and spots in a safe and painless way.

What are moles and pigment spots?

Freckles and pigment spots are small or large spots of skin pigment on the skin. Their formation is primarily influenced by a person´s genes and the sun. The cells in the skin called melanocytes produce skin pigment (melanin) to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Brown pigmentation can also occur as a result of skin burning, inflammation, use of contraceptives, ageing, or hormonal disorders.

What is the procedure for removing of moles and spots?

At Asklepion we follow one essential rule before removing moles and spots. Any freckle or pigment spot must be diagnosed by a doctor first.

Our experienced dermatologists have highly intelligent computer-based devices at their disposal, such as DermoGenius. This device is 99% accurate, whether it is about malignancy or whether there is a risk of it becoming malignant. If there is any suspicion, however small, that a mole may be dangerous, the doctor will take a tissue sample for histological evaluation.

The Dermatology Ward at the Asklepion Clinic has the most modern devices at its disposal for the removal of moles in a reliable and safe way:

Laser Ellipse Flex

  • This is used primarily for the removal of small pigmentation.
  • It is very effective in removing so-called senescent spots on the hands or on the neckline.
  • At least two interventions are needed for the procedure to be 100 % effective.
  • The application is very sensitive. The pigment spots darken immediately, and then get lighter, and disappear within two to three days

Laser AlexLAZR

  • AlexLAZR removes all pigment spots, including senescent ones.
  • It emits a 20 million Watt pulse in one 50 billionth of a second, to blast the pigment spots into small pieces.
  • Leukocytes subsequently ensure that the body absorbs the residues of pigments by itself within 10 days.
  • In this way, mole removal is almost 100% effective as of the first session.

Laser Vbeam

The so-called "Spring of Eternal Youth" is used to remove pigmentation caused by the ageing of the skin. This laser removes pigments, minor blood vessels and also rejuvenates the skin.

Mole removal can also be achieved for example with depigmenting ointments or chemical peeling

What to do after mole and spot removal?

After moles have been removed it is necessary to protect the skin from sunlight for approximately 3 months. At the clinic clients can purchase high quality Photoderm protective creams that have a high UV filter and are suitable for all kinds of skin.

At the same time, we recommend avoiding activities that cause significant sweating - tanning salons, saunas and active sports.

Have you been thinking about removing a mole or pigment spots? Don´t hesitate. Make an appointment. Before the first intervention, you will have an opportunity to try out the application and to find out if the result meets your expectation.

At Asklepion we also carry out hair removal, growth removal and the removal of other aesthetic imperfections.

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