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Application of botulotoxin and fillers

Application of botulotoxin and fillers

Why opt for wrinkle removal with botulinum toxin and fillers at Asklepion?
  • We guarantee the lowest price for botulotoxin
  • Our dermatologists are the most frequented in the field
  • We use the most modern and clinically tested methods to maximize effect
  • Our various aesthetic medical specialists cooperate closely to provide integrated care
The formation of wrinkles and poor skin elasticity are the undesired aesthetic effects of ageing that many women and men worry about. There are solutions that can help to return that youthful look to your skin. The Dermatology Ward at Asklepion offers you first-rate treatment in the field of wrinkle removal, such as botulinum toxin and fillers. Make an appointment. Within just a few minutes you can get back your youthful look.

Wrinkle removal with the application of botulinum toxin

The most frequently used method for the removal of wrinkles is the application of botulinum toxin products. These products are suitable for the removal of mimic wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead. When injected under the skin, the product interrupts the neuromuscular connection and prevents the mimic muscle from contracting and forming wrinkles. The resulting effect of the application of botulinum toxin lasts for four months or longer. The treatment should be repeated after the effect has faded.

Wrinkle removal with hyaluronic acid

An alternative method for removing wrinkles is the use of fillers. This procedure is also offered by the Dermatology Ward at Asklepion. As is the case with botulinum toxin, the filler is injected under the skin. These fillers are suitable for removing wrinkles around the nose, mouth or in the neckline area. Asklepion offers you a choice of fillers for which the effects vary in duration.

Wrinkle removal through application of client´s lipocytes

A new and highly effective method for wrinkle removal is the application of a client´s own lipocytes (lipotransfer). This is a real revolution in aesthetic medicine. The fat is removed by suction from a client´s hips, thighs, or belly and then applied to the areas in which there are wrinkles. We use the cutting-edge Cytori Puregraft system to modify the suctioned fat before injection, which increases the number of caught cells by more than half.

Rejuvenation with client´s plasma

The Dermatology Ward at Asklepion also offers another alternative for wrinkle removal, namely rejuvenation with a client´s own plasma (PRP). This method uses the patient's own plasma enriched with growth factors from platelets. It is a "vitamin cocktail" that is injected by mesotherapy directly into the skin. This triggers regeneration processes and slows down the process of further skin ageing. The rejuvenation process occurs due to the stimulation of skin cells and the subsequent collagen production. These cells thrive through the body's own growth factors that act as a vitamin bomb.

For professional wrinkle removal, call the Dermatology Ward at Asklepion and make an appointment with our specialists!

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