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Why opt for facets at Asklepion?

  • We have the most experienced team of dentists in the Czech Republic
  • We use the most modern technical equipment
  • We have our own laboratory directly at the clinic
  • We cooperate closely with other dental specialists

Crooked and unattractive teeth are thought to be a handicap at the present time. This is in part influenced by human evolution and the presence of the wisdom teeth. Human jaws are getting smaller and smaller but the width of the teeth remains unchanged. It is quite often the case that the teeth do not fit into the jaw. The set of teeth can then become distorted when the wisdom teeth start pushing from behind. At Asklepion, we are able to deal with this and completely improve the appearance of the teeth. Facets are also a solution.

Facets are used for the covering of vestibular tooth facets, this is the area that points into the oral entry. This area is the most visible and the most aesthetically exposed. This is the fastest way of bringing the teeth into line. You can leave immediately with facets made from composite resins. All-ceramic facets are by far the best solution and can be made on-site with CEREC technology.

Facets optically rejuvenate the appearance of your teeth

When it is considered necessary to carry out extensive work like facets for all the front teeth, the process is as follows: the shape of the future teeth is moulded from wax and the model is prepared; the patient can see the appearance of the teeth; the all-ceramic facets are then made and subsequently fastened to the teeth using a composite resin (about 0.5mm of enamel has to be removed from the existing teeth to do this).

Using facets, we can adjust not only the position of the tooth but also for example the length and colour of the adjusted teeth. This is a great advantage especially for older patients, whose teeth may have been naturally shortened. The facets can optically take ten years off a patient´s age.

Facets and dental hygiene are fundamental for a perfect result

Straightening of the teeth with facets is only possible after careful treatment. First of all, it is necessary to remove all tooth decay, change unsuitable fillings, and cure parodontosis or inflammation of the gums. The essential rule is that all dental treatment can be successful only if the client effectively follows all the principles of good dental hygiene.

Are you unsure that this method is suitable for you? If you are, contact us and make an appointment for a specialized consultation. If you are interested, we can also give you advice on tooth implants or teeth whitening.​

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