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Striae treatment

Striae treatment

Why opt for striae removal at Asklepion?

  • The most modern lasers and radiofrequency improve the appearance of striae by more than 50%.
  • We are able to deal with red and white striae
  • We have a wide range of body sculpture procedures to prevent the formation of striae and to improve the appearance of striae.
  • Close cooperation with the Dermatology Ward

Do you suffer from unsightly striae? At present, there is no known method to fully treat striae. Our Dermatology and Cosmetic Care wards offer you several ways to significantly improve the appearance of striae - for example with the use of lasers and other devices. Make your first appointment today. At Asklepion we will help find the most suitable method for you with the most significant effect.

What are striae?

Striae range in size from small to large and are cracks in the deeper layers of the skin. They appear during the rapid stretching of the skin as a result of the elastic fibres deep in the skin breaking. This mostly occurs during pregnancy or when an individual goes through a rapid gain in weight.

Striae do not only affect pregnant or obese women, they sometimes affect young girls or men too. In men, striae are caused by doing too much sport (mainly bodybuilding) as a result of the rapid growth of muscles. Striae appear most often on the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks, and sometimes also on the breasts.

What does striae treatment involve?

Removing striae is a difficult process and one that cannot completely get rid of them. However, there are some ways how to make them almost invisible. It is very important to start with the treatment of striae as soon as possible i.e. when they are still new - which means they are either red or violet in colour. By waiting for them to disappear, you make the removal of the striae more demanding, especially in terms of time. Older striae are white and less noticeable at first sight, but they visibly and plasticly deform the skin.

Bio-laser devices are especially used for striae removal because they stimulate the skin´s healing processes. Different kinds of ointments against striae are often recommended, especially where it concerns improving the total state of the skin and its elasticity. However, these tend to be only partially effective but are essential as a preventive measure.

The specialists on the Dermatology Ward at Asklepion recommend as basic prevention against the formation of striae, regular treatments with special creams like Bepanthene Plus that helps the skin to grow and resist cracking.

Types of striae treatment at Asklepion

Striae removal with cosmetic procedures

At Asklepion, we have a range of cosmetic body procedures you can undergo to remove striae - Orlane and Phytomer to name but a few. These procedures significantly help to increase the elasticity and resistance of the skin. At the first sign of striae, it is recommended to start bio-stimulative laser treatment. This treatment helps the striae to heal. By repeating the intervention with this laser, the striae become white more quickly and do not stay red and deep.

Striae removal with modern lasers

The best known treatment for striae removal is with the eMatrix and eTwo fractional radio-frequency devices which work on the principle of electromagnetic energy. The great advantage of this method is that the recovery time is quick, just a few hours, and that it is appropriate for all skin phototypes.

If you suffer from red striae, we recommend treatment with the Vbeam laser. The laser beam coagulates the blood supply to the striae and significantly quickens the fading process. The Vbeam laser is also able to partially remodel the striae.

Older striae can be treated with the Smoothbeam or GentleYAG lasers that are usually successful in smoothing out striae.

Striae removal with massage

vacual massage with the Dermosonic, Aerosonic or LPG body devices also significantly helps with the removal of striae.

Don´t hesitate and make an appointment. Our specialists will be happy to recommend which procedure will help the most in your fight against striae. At Asklepion, we can also help with the removal of warts, moles and other imperfections of the skin.

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