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Cosmetic treatment of the face

Cosmetic treatment of the face

Why opt for cosmetic treatment at Asklepion?

  • Cosmetic products of the highest quality
  • Experienced cosmeticians
  • The latest techniques
  • Close cooperation with the Dermatology Ward

Do you want the best care for your skin? Do you want to be sure that you are giving your skin exactly what it needs? Make an appointment with a trained cosmetician at Asklepion. Our cosmeticians are able to define your type of skin and advise you on how to best take care of it. Cosmetic treatment of the face is the most effective way to keep your skin beautiful and full of health.

What does cosmetic treatment involve?

Before any cosmetic treatment, we make a diagnosis of your skin. The treatment not only covers the face but also the neckline areas. The cosmeticians at Asklepion use Belex technology - a device with many extensions for the treatment of all skin types. The treatment is as follows: 

Step 1 - cleansing of the facial skin with milk and face lotion.

Step 2 - eyebrow adjustment and gentle peeling of the face, neck and neckline.

Step 3 - further cleansing of the skin followed by ozone steaming.

Step 4 - classic cleansing to free the face of excessive sebum.

Step 5 - vacual massage with vacupress device which gently completes the cleansing of upper epidermis. It works on the principle of lifting. It leads all the impurities into the lymph canals - in this particular case to the ears.

Step 6 - ozonization to disinfect the treated area.

Step 7 - skin soothing with a pleasant spray or skin tonic.

What are the advantages of cosmetic treatment with the Belex device?

The Belex device that we use for all procedures, makes use of iontophoresis in order for mature skin or skin with acne to absorb the caring substances. It works on the basis of electric pulses that are emitted to the skin during the massage.

The cosmetician will choose the appropriate extension for your treatment according to the specific characteristics of your skin. The application of a lifting ampule with vitamin C and ionizing gel activates the collagen under the skin and moisturizes, leaving the skin feeling, silky soft and regenerated.

The treatment with the Belex device is followed by a classic massage of the face and neckline. During the last phase we apply a mask according to the actual state of the skin, not forgetting the eyes too.

The cosmetic treatment of the face can be widened to include the dying of eyelashes or eyebrows and depilation with wax or paraffin on the hands.

Do not hesitate. Make an appointment for cosmetic treatment at the Asklepion Clinic, or arrange a consultation to find out more about facial treatments or skin rejuvenation.

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