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Body sculpture procedures

Body sculpture procedures

Why opt for body sculpture at Asklepion?

  • Combination of the latest devices for the best result
  • Cooperation with the Dermatology and Plastic Surgery wards

Are you overweight, suffering from loose muscles or have a general lack of body shape? If you do, body sculpture procedures are the perfect solution. At Asklepion, we tailor these procedures to your needs. Arrange a consultation with our specialists on body sculpturing today. It is the first step towards that firmer, healthier figure you are looking for.

What does body sculpturing involve?

The first part of the process is a full body diagnosis of your weight, body proportions and problems. On the basis of the diagnosis we then compile a unique programme for sculpting your figure. It´s a completely individual therapy, just for you.

For perfect results, we combine the use of 8 devices that are effective in sculpting your figure. They will firm up loose muscles and skin, correct the asymmetries of your silhouette and smoothen out cellulite.

Which body sculpture devices do we use?

LPG System - maximizes the metabolism of the skin, removes fat, and quickens the circulation of the lymphatic system. The results of the treatment are visible changes in the size of problematic areas, the disappearance of cellulite, and firmer skin.

Velashape - 97% of clients say they are satisfied after the treatment - fat reduction, cellulite removal, body firming and skin smoothing.

BTL non-invasive mezotherapy - brings perfect nutrition to the tissues. Mezotherapy does not involve needles - the principle is based on using lasers and electric pulses. The result is a significant reduction in and subsequent removal of cellulite.

Midas - firms the skin by tightening the collagen in the skin using a combination of infrared light and radio-frequency.

Dermasonic and Aerosonic devices - regenerates the skin and subcutis. The use of ultrasound reduces fat, reduces cellulite and brings back firmness to the muscles.

Gelex device - emits ultrasounds waves and thermal energy into the tissues, resulting in the reduction of fat and cellulite, as well as improvements in skin elasticity. 

What is the procedure for body sculpting?

1.      All body sculpture procedures start with a consultation with our cosmetician.

2.      The results of the diagnosis are recorded on your personal body sculpture card.

3.      A tailor made therapy programme is compiled to target your particular problem areas (this will include the use of body sculpting devices). 

4.      The body sculpting programme produces the best results when you go through the series of procedures one a week.

5.      When the whole series is finished, your measurements are taken again and the results compared to the records from the start of the therapy.

6.      Our specialist will prepare an appropriate programme that will guarantee good results.

Take your first step today towards a firmer figure. Make an appointment with one of our specialist. We also have specialists who can perform anti-ageing procedures and striae removal.

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